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Minimize that chance by strengthening the muscles that control the hips and knees, and keep your lower half in alignment, such as clamshells for the hip; squats for the knees. Your natural bird persona—lark or owl—is partly determined by genetics. Housed in the hypothalamus, the portion of the brain that also controls sex drive and appetite, your biological clock is difficult to alter. If your forebears coherently discussed the Middle East situation at 7 a.

If they thought 9 p. Running Rx : If you want to hit the track at 6 a. Also, realize that as you age, you naturally become more of a lark.

Hemingway on War and Its Aftermath

Want to extend your staying power? Exercise either outside, if the sun is still out, or in a bright room two to four hours before bed. Did you do your training runs with crowds yelling at you and competitors around you unconsciously prompting you to run faster? Thought not. Race day, they get even more beat up. Running Rx : A huge fan of ice baths , Bright recommends the anti-inflammatory plunge, postrace, for at least five to 10 minutes. Running Rx : Get up and head to the kitchen for a glass of milk and some pretzels.

To stave off future problems, make sure to include dairy, salt, and iron, found in lean red meat and spinach, in your meals after a run. Three causes of the black badge: a too-short shoe; a toenail that comes into contact with the roof of the shoe too often; and a runner who uses his toes to grip too hard. However it happens, the result is the same. Blood vessels under the nail break open, which spill blood which looks black under the opaque nail into the area between the toe bed and the toenail. Running Rx : The first thing you want to do is get a new pair of better-fitting shoes. If the pressure is bothering you and you can handle more hurt, press the end of a paper clip or safety pin, heated with a match, through the nail.

Do it sooner, while the blood is still fluid. Either way, the skin below it will heal, the nail will die and fall off. There is, alas, no simple answer to the million-dollar question.

Experts confidently proclaim two basic things: The brain controls the amount of pain to which you willingly subject yourself, and the human body inherently does not like pain. He recommends intervals, hill repetitions, and tempo runs at least once a week to build your mental muscle.

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Weinberg suggests pushing yourself more moderately by running with people who are slightly speedier than you are. The peer pressure will unconsciously make you mentally stronger—and faster. That pain that rips through your midsection , usually on the right side? Chalk it up to the act of breathing.

4 Awesome Runner-Approved Sports Bras

Or, more accurately, to your diaphragm, the muscle that controls your breathing motion. Running Rx : Slow down or walk so you can take deep, full breaths. Grabbing your right side and squeezing it to support the liver may also end the pain. Another option: When your left foot hits the ground, exhale, which causes your diaphragm to rise; inhale on your right foot, and it falls down, which decreases the stretching. Finally, keep training. By Any Means Necessary.

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Montclair, NJ. Banjo Greg.

This month’s winning short story in the Hennessy New Irish Writing competition is by John Murphy

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She was half-lying, half-sitting with her back against the freezer. Her face was red and swollen. She raised her hand up against the light. He used the little, green light on the freezer to guide him in the darkness and sat down beside her. He listened to her breathing. It was heavy and slightly wheezy as it went in and out, interrupted now and again by a sniffle. From inside the basement flat there came the sound of a large thud and then laughter. He felt ashamed. She emitted a violent sob.

It sounded like it came from the pit of her stomach. Then it was quiet for a long time, before there was a new sob and then yet another.

The Scarlet Ibis

It made him sick. He knew the sound of her crying so well that he could predict exactly when each sob would come. He leaned his head back against the freezer. It felt like the vibration of the motor was coming from inside him. Finally the music in the flat died down. The steady slamming of the door, a sign that people were leaving.

Eventually she laid her head in his lap.